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What do I need to know before booking with Chakra Shay?

1. If time is not available text 615-573-2624. You can pay deposit through cashapp. if deposit is not paid no appointment. 

2. Deposit is nonrefundable. If I have to cancel, I will refund deposit. The deposit is the travel fee outside of 37211. if you live in any surrounding cities there is a higher travel fee that will be added to the end price.

3. I will arrive 10 before session start time to setup. If you have a celebration setup. I will arrive 20 minutes before start time.

4. There is a 0(ZERO) Tolerance for sexual advances, innuendos, or anything of that nature. Will cancel session immediately and charge full amount. 

5. I send out confirmation texts 24 hours before your scheduled session. If you need to cancel or reschedule session your deposit can be transferred. Any cancellation after the text will still be charged full amount. 

6. Referrals- As you know I work off of word of mouth. If you know anyone that could use my services, you can receive $10, 10 minutes added to next session or $10 off your next session. Your choice.

7. Discounts- There are ways to receive discounts. Referrals $11. Google Review $11 discount. Make a post and Tag will receive $15 off next session or 10% off products.

8. VIP clients none of this applies to you resume with whatever way booking makes life easier for you.

9.Bartering. I love the barter system. If you'd prefer to trade reach out. 

10. Add on services- Sound bowls can be added to meditation sessions. 

Celebration Setup can be added to any session. Includes decor. rose petals, and candles. Hot Stones can be added to sessions. 

11. If you have cancer no charge for any sessions locally. 

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